Inner Landscapes

Explore your inner depths with the spacious artwork and beautifully-guided conversations of the Inner Landscapes Workbook. Through valuable creative practices, provocative exercises, reflective questions, and invitations for imaging:

  • Access your inner wisdom and experience self-compassion.
  • Receive insights to welcome daily stressors and circumstances beyond your control with greater equanimity and vitality.
  • Expand your capacity to be present to reality just as it is with a daring level of awareness.

“Julie’s work is a dance between the words and images.  She calls forth the words which lie underneath the usual words and coaxes images hidden deep in our psyches.

These open meditations offer interplay of light and shadow, of becoming and letting go, of rising and falling, of expansion and withdrawal.  

Her images of skies, landscapes and horizons are archetypal of the soul and provide the open spaces so necessary to do transformative inner work.  I have deepened my own inner conversation through her wise guidance.”

The Rev. Carolyn Metzler
Spiritual Director,
The Living School for Action and Contemplation

Email Julie at for information about Inner Landscapes Groups, workbooks, and private sessions.